Virgin guy fucks his aunty in front of cuckold uncle

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My aunty’s name is Swapna and she has a beautiful body structure, big butts, and big tits. If you see her, you will definitely masturbate thinking about her. She had such kind of a hot body.

One day afternoon, Swapna aunty called me for some work. She lived with her husband. Her age was 35 and she had no children. Her husband couldn’t satisfy her. She used to feel unhappy and lonely. So, sometimes she used to call me and we used to talk casually.

That afternoon, she called me for searching her Aadhar card at her house. So, I went to her house. At that time, only she was home. Her husband had gone out (he had a small General kirana store).

So I thought this was the right time to fuck my aunty. And if I missed that chance, she would never give me another chance. So, I decided in my mind to fuck her.

I and aunty were searching for her Aadhar card. During that search, auntie’s hands and my hand touched each other many times and I got an erection.

Swapna aunty was still searching for the Aadhar card with a tensed face and in between her saree pallu fell from her jacket. She didn’t notice it. The sight of her cleavage was sensational. And aunty’s tits wanted to come out. Suddenly, my hands and shoulder touched her breast. She didn’t react and she went on with her searching.

After 2 minutes, again my shoulder touched Swapna aunty’s breast. Now she looked at me and smiled. That smile was enough for me. That was the green signal to me.

Immediately, I hugged her tightly. She fell on the ground and I gave a lip lock to her. My tongue was entering her mouth and licking her saliva. She was now moaning slowly.

That moaning made me crazy. Already my short was taken out and my cock was ready to fuck my married aunty. Then I removed her jacket and saree. Now she was totally nude.

I like foreplay before sex. So I started sucking her broad breasts and I roughly pressed them.

She moaned: Ahhh mmm uff..

I liked that sound and my pressing increased. I rubbed her nipples. Her nipples were already hard because she was in a hot mood.

Aunty: Vishnu, just fuck me. Don’t waste this time. Fuck me fast because if anyone comes, we’ll miss this chance. And I don’t want to miss this chance with you. Do it fast.

Vishnu: I am here to fuck you, aunty. Don’t worry, no one will come. I will satisfy you and you will be enjoying every second of it.

Then I licked Swapna aunty’s pussy. I was playing with her pussy with my tongue. Now she couldn’t control herself and was moaning very loudly. Her pussy creams started coming out.

After almost 20 minutes of foreplay, I took my cock with one hand and started putting it into aunty’s wet pussy slowly.

Aunty: Mmmm ammma haa.. Slowly Vishnu, slowly..Wow, you have a great cock..My husband doesn’t know how to satisfy me. But you know very well how to satisfy a woman. Fuck me hard..Hmm aaahhh..I am yours, Vishnu. That’s it, fuck. Fuck me haaa ohh..

I was fucking aunty by pressing her tits and licking her nipples. She was moaning very loudly. I took her two legs up and put them on my shoulders. Then I speed up my strokes in her. She also gave backstrokes to me.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot for about 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, we both reached the final stage. I released my whole cum inside Swapna aunty’s wet pussy. She released her hot orgasmic juices on my hot cock.

After a few minutes, I slowly started to press her tits. She was shocked and said –

Aunty: Now only we finished. Then how immediately your cock is ready?

I said: I have such strong stamina. I can fuck a minimum of 9 rounds in a day.

She kissed me on my forehead.

Aunty: Your future wife will be very lucky.

After 5 minutes, I spread her both legs and put my cock into her pussy.

Aunty: Ahhh mmm, fast aahh..fuck me fast Vishnu. You are a great fucker. I will call you when I’ll get some free time. Then we will enjoy a lot with so much sex.

After fucking Swapna aunty for another 30 minutes, she was very happy. After that sex, aunty calls me anytime and we meet anywhere and enjoy the sex.

And after those two weeks, one day uncle caught us while having sex. I and aunty were scared . But uncle silently came to us and told me.

Uncle: Vishnu, I don’t want to threaten you. Because I know I can’t satisfy my wife. And I have no objection in your satisfying my wife.

I was so happy to listen to those words from my uncle.

Me: Thank you so much, uncle.

I fucked aunty three times in front of uncle and uncle was very happy to watch his wife fucked.

After three rounds of sex, uncle also joined in the sex battle. I put my cock in auntie’s pussy and uncle put his cock in auntie’s ass. She was surprised as well as shocked too. I and uncle were fucking her very fast, and I think auntie’s pussy and ass were damaged. But aunty enjoyed it a lot. She was moaning loudly and she talked very badly and beat me on my face. We three enjoyed ourselves a lot.

After that day, we decided to go on a trip.

Uncle said: Yes, we are going to Bangalore only to have SEX.

One day we went to Bangalore and we reached the restaurant at 9 pm. Then, Aunty, me, and uncle freshened up and took bath. I and aunty were bathing together. I fucked aunty in the bathtub two times. We then freshened up and relaxed at night. Then I slept.

Suddenly, I heard some moaning sounds. I realized and slowly opened my eyes. I was shocked to see the sight. It was 3 am and aunty was riding on uncle’s cock.

My cock also woke up and I slowly got in the room. I was going to put my cock in her ass. She was shocked and I locked her lips with my lips. Then I and uncle fucked Swapna aunty.

Uncle came within just 2 minutes. And then I put my cock into her pussy and started fucking her unstoppable for 25 minutes. After that, aunty slept peacefully and I also slept after cuddling with aunty.

Auntie’s body was so smooth. We fucked her almost fifty times in 3 days trip. She enjoyed it a lot. She loves me so much.

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