Seducing my unmarried aunt – Part 3

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Hi, this is Jay, sorry for the delay guys. I know it has been a long time since I posted my last story. But the reason for the delay is my wife found out about my relationship with my aunt and trying to convince her took longer time than expected.

And now I am writing this story along with my wife and she is showing her real colors now. I want to thank you all for the feedback guys, looking forward to the same support from you all.

Continuing the story.

Things changed after my last incident with my unmarried aunt. She left the room and I was confused. I didn’t know what to do. I had a huge boner I only had one option to jerk off. After that, I took the tablets and went to sleep.

I woke up around 2 pm because of someone’s touch. Yes, you guessed it right. It was my aunt! She was pressing my leg again this time while talking to my mom. They both were laughing and talking about something.

I opened my eyes and saw my dick was up. My aunt covered it with a bedsheet, keeping my leg open for her to press. She was playfully moving her fingers up and down.

My dick was flowing with precum all over my shaft, balls and toward my ass. It was kind of uncomfortable which made me think about how long my aunty had been doing this. My mouth was gasping for air and I forgot to breathe through my nose. I didn’t know what the hell happened. She saw me in that uncomfortable situation and stopped her finger playing on my thighs and concentrated on my knee.

My mom saw my face and thought I must be in serious pain. She told me she would get me some milk and left the room. As soon as my mom left the room, my aunt ran her fingers under the bed sheet to the top corner of my thighs and lifted her index finger and wiped my precum with it.

I grabbed my aunt’s hand and made her hold my dick. I was holding her hand so tightly that my hand mark was printed on her hand. She was kind of impressed based on her smile.

Finally, she grabbed my dick. But she was ready to show me who was the boss there. She first gave me a nice and gentle squeeze and did a proper exploration of my dick by running her palm and fingers all over my dick and balls! After that, she gave me an evil look and pressed the tip of my dick with her right-hand thumb. She then touched and started running her left hand on my balls.

Then, all of a sudden, my naughty aunt pressed my left ball hard! I screamed. It was really painful. Then, with the right thumb, she pressed my dick hole. That was also painful.

I lost my shit and slapped her on her arm. To which she squeezed my ball even harder! Then I said –

Me: What the hell are you doing?!!

Aunt: What do you think? I’m showing you what will happen if you try to dream higher.

I was confused.

Me: Stop it. It’s hurting. If I scream, mom will come and it will be a problem.

Aunt: So, you don’t want me to touch your dick?

I was speechless and in pain.

Me: I want you to touch, but not like this. It’s paining, please hold properly or I am going to pinch your nipples.

Aunt: You are still a kid.

And she laughed and left my dick.

Me: Don’t leave, just hold, please.

Aunt: I will when you stop behaving like a girl.

Then I got angry and pushed my aunt back. She lost her balanced. I held her shoulders and pushed her onto the bed. She was surprised by my action and she was looking into my eyes, confused.

I grabbed her face while looking into her eyes. I was going toward her, closer and closer in an uncomfortable sitting position while keeping eye contact. I placed my lips on her lips and started sucking her lower lip.

But she pushed me back and sat straight as she heard the footstep of my mom. I was confused and lost in that kiss and still didn’t realize that my mom was in the room! My mom served tea to my aunt and gave me a glass of milk. Then she asked –

Mom: How are you feeling? Do you want to go to the doctor again?

Me: Huh?

I took my time to rethink what was happening around me.

Me: No-no, it will be fine if aunty massages it for a few more days.

Mom: Then don’t continue the tablets, it’s not good for you. Take them only if you are feeling pain.

Me: Okay.

My aunt was silently drinking her tea and looking at me and my mom. That was an awkward moment. I was drinking milk and trying to hide my boner. We all silently drank our milk/tea. And then aunt took all the vessels and left the room. I did not say a single word.

Mom kissed my cheek and left the room saying –

Mom: Get well soon.

After some time, I got up from my bed. I had no pain in my leg, ankle, or knee. All I had was a tent in my shorts and it was wet. Also, my thighs were dripping.

I went to the bathroom and removed my shorts. When I was trying to jerk off myself, I heard a knock on the door. Yes, it was my love.. my crazy sweet confusing aunt.

I will continue in the next story.

By the way, guys I got married recently and my wife read a fan mail and got to know about my story. It has been 2 months now and she is fine with all my incest and other stories.

She first did not believe me. She thought all these were fictional stuff. And I thought of keeping it that way. But then thought of a beautiful future and took a risk of showing her the truth.

Looking forward to your feedback at [email protected]

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