Pune son fucks his innocent housewife mom

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My name is Deep (name changed for privacy). I am from Pune, and I am 21 years old. I am a B.Com student. My height is 5.6 feet (I don’t know my exact height), and I am a little fat. I am little brown with a wheatish complexion.

My mom’s name is Priya (name changed again). She is a housewife and is 5.4 feet in height. Her age is 42 years. She is not too fair and not too brown.

Coming to the story:

I am not an incest lover, but one of my friends told me to read sex stories. So I googled, searched and started reading the stories.

And one day, I came across mom and son sex stories. Initially, I didn’t like it and started to ignore these incest topics. However, later when I opened these stories and started reading them, I realized that some were fiction, but some were real-life incidents. And after reading these stories, I started to look at my mom in a very different way.

My family is a joint family, so we all sleep together including my mom. But one night, I woke up at night and I was not getting sleep. So, I acted like I was sleeping.

Around 2:30 am, my dad came near my mom and woke her up. And after 3-4 minutes, my mom left. Because ours was a joint family, it was not possible to go to the other room to see what they were doing.

Just after 5 minutes, my mom came back. It was then I guessed that my mom was sexually unsatisfied. That was why at nights she used to moan and while sleeping, her nighty came to her sexy thighs.

One day, my relatives came to our home and invited our family to attend a function. After 2 days, my family decided to attend the function. My dad, my grandma, and my brother went to attend the function. I was very happy and thought it was the right chance to fuck my mom! But it was a little risky too because two of my family members were still there. And what if my mom screamed? Or what if she resisted or complained to my dad?

Anyway, in the afternoon, my mom was in the kitchen and was preparing lunch for us. I got the courage. I went in and put my hands around my mother’s sexy hips and brushed my hard cock on her sexy ass crack.

Mom: What do you want? Why are you here in the kitchen?

Me: I want nothing. I just came to see and talk with my beautiful (and in a low tone, I said) and “sexy” mom.

Mom: Hey, you naughty boy! You are saying your mom is “sexy”, haa? You think that I am sexy?

While saying this, she turned toward me and slapped my ass.

Me: Of course, you are sexy. Why lie to you?

And while saying this, I put my hand on her back, squeezed, and pressed her ass!

Me: Mom, you are so sexy, really.

Mom: You’ve become so naughty.

And she hugged me and kissed my cheeks. She caressed my hair. Then I said –

Me: Mom, can I say something?

Mom: Yes, say.

Me: Mom, at this age also you look very sexy. How do you maintain your body, mom?

Mom: Hey, you naughty! Nowadays you are flirting with your mom very much. And it is a bad thing. It is not right, son.

Me: Come on mom, you are so sexy. And why you are thinking it is wrong? By the way, why I am flirting with my mom only?

And at last, I said: I love you, mom!

Mom: Oh my boy, you are so caring. Your dad doesn’t care about me. You only care about me and understand my feelings. I love you too, baby.

Then she kissed me, but this time, she kissed on my lips and gave me a naughty smile.

And then she said: Ok, let’s sleep now.

And my housewife mom turned off the light. At night, I hugged her and slept with her. I sleep in shorts at night. So I opened my shorts and underwear and put my hard cock on her ass crack. Then I pushed my cock on her ass over her clothes. She didn’t give any reaction. So I lifted her nighty up to her thighs and opened her underwear and put my fingers on her ass crack. And I started playing with her.

After some time, my motherturned toward me, exposing her pussy to me! I massaged her pussy a little and after that, I put a finger into her juicy pussy.

After some time, again no reaction was there. So I thought she was in deep sleep. I got the courage and put two fingers in her and did in and out motions. After a few minutes, I put my tongue into my sleeping mom’s sexy pussy and ate her pussy.

Suddenly, she cummed in my mouth and I drank her cum. Then I got up and put my cock on her pussy. And without thinking, in one stroke, I went inside!

Me: Mom, I will stop fucking you if you don’t like.

Mom: I like it baby, but you are my son. It is should not happen.

Me: Come on mom, it is very common nowadays.

After that, I started kissing her. Slowly, she also responded to my kiss and started kissing my lips like a horny bitch. Mom opened her nighty and became fully naked and put my face on her boobs. She started moaning.

Mom: Ahhh fuck me, darling. Come on, fuck me!

After that, I switched on the room light and said –

Me: Close your eyes and open your mouth.

Then I put my cock in her mouth. After some time, she started sucking my dick like a pro. After about 10 minutes, I cummed in her mouth.

Mom: Your cock is so big and thick, son. Your dad’s cock is so small. Now come and fuck me, please.

After listening to her, I put my cock in my mother’s pussy and fucked her missionary position very hard.

Mom: Yes baby, come on..Yesss..like that! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Tear your mamma’s pussy.

I fucked her in the doggy style and cowgirl style too.

Then I said: Mommmm, I’m cummingggg.

Mom: Cum inside my pussy. Don’t worry, I’ve got operated on, so I won’t get pregnant.

Listening to this, I cummed inside my mom’s pussy. After that, we slept naked.

She said: Thank you so much, son.

And then we fucked 3 times more. Whenever we are alone, we have sex like husband and wife. Thank you for reading my story.

And unsatisfied aunties/bhabhis/girls can contact me, but from Pune only. And incest people who want to fuck with their mom/sister can contact me at [email protected], but Pune incest guys only.

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