Delhi mom’s second innings in sex in Canada

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Hi, I am Raaz from Delhi. I came here to Canada to study 2 years ago. I completed my study and got a job and PR in Canada. Then I called my parents to stay with me in Canada.

Mom came to Canada but my dad did not come. She was 58 years old, a black beauty, and has perfect boobs and bums. Her size was 36-34-38. She had a little tummy. She was not more fashionable but had good clothing sense.

I took my mom on a Canada tour. She loved the country and atmosphere. Then I convinced her to stay with me for at least a year. I asked her to wear jeans and t-shirts here, but she refused initially.

Me: This is not our country mom. And dad will never see you.

Finally, she agreed to wear western outfits. I took her shopping and bought her jeans, t-shirts, and tops. I also took her to an undergarments store and bought a sports bra and underwear. I also got sports shoes for her.

After a few days, she was not feeling happy here. I asked her why she was not comfortable there. She said she was feeling so alone during day time as I had to go to job. Then I asked her to join gym during day time.

I introduced her to my friend Murthy who was a gym instructor in the nearby area. Mom started going to the gym from the next day.

After a few days, I observed that mom and Murthy were becoming good friends. Murthy was daily coming to my home to pick up and drop mom off from the gym. Even mom was so happy with him. Mom was losing weight and becoming leaner. She also started to wear denim shorts.

One day, my mom was so scared and confused, which I noticed. I asked her what happened. She said that Murthy had proposed to her for a relationship. I was amazed as Murthy liked my mom, who was almost double his age! But also, I was feeling that mom would be happy all time with him in absence of me.

Then I said: Don’t worry, mom. I have already noticed his love for you. Be with him. Never say no to him.

She said: Are you serious?!

I said: Yes, I am. You also deserve to be loved by someone. Murthy is younger than me. So, he can make you happier than dad and me. Be with him. Enjoy your second innings.

She said: I am a married woman and mom of two and grandmom of two. It’s not my age for this.

I said: I know that dad never loved you as much as you deserve to. Now, fill that space with someone who loves you even though you are not of his generation.

She cried and hugged me. After a few minutes, she asked me –

Mom: But how can I be with him? How people will react to our relationship?

I said: Nobody cares here. Don’t worry about society here.

Then I asked her to call Murthy and accept the proposal. She smiled and put palms on her face. After a few minutes, she called Murthy and said yes to him.

After a few minutes, Murthy called me and said thanks to me. Then I asked him –

Me: When are you going to take mom on a date?

He said: I am coming right now.

Mom was so happy and blushing. I asked her to wear one-piece gown for the date. She said she had no gown. So, I took her nearby boutique for shopping. I chose one red color backless one-piece gown. Then I secretly bought a black colored transparent G-string thong with red flowered less.

I took her to change room for grooming. My mom removed her t-shirt and covered the towel on her body. I gave her the thong. She was surprised.

My mother argued with me but I was finally able to convince her to wear it. I asked her to first wear the thong as we could change it if the size did not fit her. She removed the panty and gave it to me. I helped her to wear a thong as she was not familiar to wear it.

Then I asked her to remove the towel. Mom was looking so hot. Her pussy lips were slightly visible through the thong. Initially, she was so embarrassed as she never wore such kind of innerwear. Her bums were looking so beautiful as the thread was hidden inside bums.

Mom: It has only a single thread at the backside?

Me: Yes. That’s why it is called a thong.

Then I gave her the one-piece to wear. I helped her to wear that and tied the knot at the neck. I then asked her to remove the bra and she removed it. Her boobs were trying to pop out of the one-piece. She did a light makeup and applied dark red lipstick.

I gave her a packet of condoms and a lube oil bottle. Mom was so surprised that I could be that much open with her. She refused to take both but I convinced her to have them. Then I asked her about her periods. She said she was 58 years old and had already been in menopause for the last three years.

I said: Wow! Enjoy your second innings, mom. If you don’t like to use condoms, then don’t use them.

She said: I will try to use it until I have more confidence in Murthy.

By that time, Murthy was already in our home. He was so happy to see mom in western outfits. Surprisingly, he brought a ring for mom to propose to her. He again proposed mom and she accepted.

He fixed the ring on mom’s finger. Then he tried to kiss mom on the lips, but my mom allowed only to kiss the cheeks. Then both of them got into his car and went on a date. They returned home at midnight.

I was feeling so sleepy, so I went to my room after opening the door. And I forgot to lock my bedroom door. So, the hall was visible from my room. Mom asked him to stay with her as it was so late at night.

Then they started to chat romantically with each other. Murthy kissed my mom and both of the lip-locked with each other. Then mom turned off the tube light and switched on the zero bulb. Now Murthy was playing with my mom’s boobs.

Both were kissing each other continuously. Murthy untied the knot of the one-piece at the neck. Her boobs jumped out of the dress immediately. Murthy started to suck them very gently. Mom was moaning slightly by that time.

Murthy then put his fingers inside mom’s thong. He was rubbing on mom’s pussy. Mom was moaning so loudly now. After almost half an hour, the foreplay sex was completed as mom came, squirting!

Now Murthy made mom in the missionary position and removed his underwear. He had a cock of size almost 10 inches! He gave mom his big cock to suck, but she refused to take it in her mouth. So, he immediately put his cock on her pussy lips.

He rubbed it there for a few seconds and made my mom wet. Mom gave him the condom to wear. He put it on the cock. Mom also gave him the lube, but he refused to use it.

Suddenly, he gave a jerk inside mom and mom screamed in sharp pain. Then he started to pump my mother slowly.

After a few minutes, Murthy’s big cock was fully inside my mom. He was increasing the pace and rhythm. Mom was moaning very loudly. Murthy was pounding my mother very fast like a horse. Mom started crying after a few minutes. Murthy held mom’s neck in one hand and held her waist in the other hand for a grip on her body.

Almost after half an hour, he got out of my mom, removed the condom and splashed his cum over mom’s pussy.

He again convinced mom to have sex in doggy style. Mom gave him a new condom. Then mom got into the doggy pose for him on the sofa. He started fucking my mom from behind. He had not even removed her thong. He was so gentle now in the second round. He was kissing continuously on mom’s back and side cheeks.

After half an hour, he shot his sperm inside mom’s bum by removing the condom before climaxing.

Still, his cock was hard. He started pushing and pulling inside mom’s pussy by holding his dick in the hand. He was continuously kissing mom. She was so satisfied and happy. Her face was glowing. They both were exhausted and got to sleep immediately.

The next day morning, Murthy woke up early as he was a gym instructor and left mom to sleep. Mom was sleeping nude, wearing only a thong. She woke up and went to her room. She could not walk properly.

I woke up at 7 am and made breakfast for her. She came to the dining table after bathing. I smiled at her and gave her a glass of milk, bread and butter. She was blushing. Then I asked how was her date last night.

She said: So beautiful.

She thanked me for introducing to Murthy.

I said: But please shut all the doors before loving someone in our home!

She was so embarrassed and asked: Did you see us at the night?

I said: All night and both rounds.

She said: No, please don’t say that!

I said: Yes, but I did. Mom, still you have good stamina. You should enjoy this new life. And yes, you deserve it.

She said: Thank you, beta. But I can’t take Murthy into our house daily.

I said: He can live in our home as a paying guest.

She said: That is a good idea.

Then I called Murthy and asked him to join us for lunch. He agreed and came for lunch. Mom made South Indian lunch and roti sabzi. Murthy liked lunch and said he got the best lottery because of me. He thanked me.

He took rest in the bedroom with mom and left the house as he was late for his evening duty. Then I took mom to the market. I bought her some naughty lingerie and a night dress. I also took her to a parlor for a makeover. We shortened her hair and made it straight hair. Also, we did full-body waxing. She also got a full body massage. Now she was looking so beautiful and feeling so relaxed.

Then we got some romantic perfumes. She took the bath and made dinner for us. Murthy was still not at home, so I helped her to wear lingerie and a saree for her suhagraat. Then I gave her white-colored transparent lingerie. I convinced her to wear all her jewelry for her night.

Then I tied the pallu of my mom’s saree below the navel. She wore a backless blouse with full sleeves. The blouse got a deep neck cut.

I fixed both her mangalsutra and necklace between that gap. I also tied the kandora at her waist. She wore payala with ghunghroo. Also, she had hot pink lipstick on my lips. I tied her hair with a small rubber band.

We were waiting for Murthy.

Murthy was so stunned by seeing her at the dinner table. She was blushing. Murthy took her hand after dinner and said he couldn’t wait more and told me good night.

Both of them got into their bedroom. After a few minutes, mom’s moaning started!

Mom: Oohhh aaahhhh aahhh ohhh…

Even after almost one hour, their fucking session continued. Mom was begging Murthy to fuck her slowly. Murthy was so excited to fuck her as he never got a lady to fuck in a saree before. After completing the session, Murthy slept.

Mom came to me after a few minutes. She knocked on the door. I switched on the light and opened the door. She entered my room.

Mom was wearing a t-shirt on lingerie. Her body was full of love bites. She could not walk properly. Even she was in pain between her legs. But I could see that kind of satisfaction on her face that I had never seen before. Then she smiled at me and hugged me.

I asked: Why mom? What happened?

She said she never got this much love from dad. Even she did not get sex for almost from last 7 years.

I asked: Seriously, mom?

She said: Yes, dear. Your dad never touched me during this period.

I asked: But how can you be without any intercourse this long time? You didn’t have any other person to give you such kind of attention?

She said: No, how could be that possible in an Indian village!? Even I have never thought of this.

I said: Wow!

Then I kissed her on the cheeks and asked her about Murthy.

She said: Murthy is a good guy as a person. But he is a very bad boy in bed!

I asked: Why?

She said: He can’t control his libido after penetration. He almost fuck me like a sex doll. Dear, I am old now and I like to go slowly.

I smiled and said: Oho! The old lady wants some softcore love, haa.

And we both laughed.

Then I said: Are you not using any lubricant?

She said: No. I l don’t know about that.

I said: I will bring it for you.

I asked her: Are you confident with lingerie?

She said: Yes.

And she also admitted that Murthy liked too much her in lingerie. Even he liked to see her only in lingerie.

I said: How was my idea?

Mom laughed and hugged me.

Then I asked her: Would you mind if I ask you something personal?

She said: Ask beta. I am your mommy first. Nothing to hide between us.

I said: Didn’t you give Murthy a blowjob?

She said: No way, I never do that. I never even gave it to your dad.

I asked: Didn’t dad ask you to give it?

She said: No. He never asked me.

Then I asked her: Have you tried anal or not yet?

She said: No. What is that?

I said: Sex in anal.

She said she heard about this but never tried with dad.

I said: Seriously mom, still you are an anal virgin at 58 years. You are so cute, mom. Murthy will be in heaven if he comes to know about this.

Mom laughed and asked: Why are you so excited about this?

I said: Nowadays, girls lose anal virginity first as they don’t want to lose their hymen of pussy. And you are still sealed in your back.

She shied and laughed.

I said: I will give this good news to Murthy.

She said: No, please don’t give it to him now. We will surprise him on his birthday.

I asked her: That means you are ready to get it in the back!

She smiled and put palms on her face.

Then I asked her: Are you seriously in love with Murthy, mom?

She got tears in her eyes and said: Yes. Your dad never gave me attention after your birth. He only got my service. But Murthy is giving me respect in social relationships, as well as in personal relationships also. Even he sometimes cleaned my private parts also.

I said: Wow, mom! Please enjoy your second life with him.

Then I made lemon juice for her and gave it to her. She drank it and went for peeing. She asked me to rub balm on her waist as she had some pain there.

I rubbed the balm. I could see how rough Murthy was screwing my mom as there was redness due to Murthy’s finger pressure.

Then she went to her room after a few minutes. And I went to sleep after a few minutes.

What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next part.

(Editor’s note: Story added under default account as no email was mentioned.)

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