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It’s a little long story, so I am writing it in 2 parts.

I am from Bangalore. My age is 28. I do decent workouts and maintain myself. I met a girl in a coffee shop where many startups and software engineers come and work.

One day, I was working from a coffee shop. I saw a girl entering the coffee shop and sitting next table to me. We both saw one another and exchanged smiles.

After some time, we introduced ourselves. Her name is Geeta and she works for a software company. And by the way, I work for a small and reputed company that handles limited clients. I do digital marketing for them.

I told her that she got a beautiful smile and after that, we both got busy with our work. At 5 pm after she finished her work, I asked for a coffee date and as we were already in a cafe, we had a couple of coffee.

We laughed, and then I said to her: Let’s go for a drink.

Geeta agreed and made a plan to reach a pub at 9:30 pm. We met at the pub at 9:30 pm and it was Bollywood night. She invited for a dance and said –

She: Let’s have some shots, then we can hit to dance floor.

After a couple of shots, we went dancing together without touching each another. I wanted to make her comfortable. We then went to the smoke room and started talking about our work life of each other.

She: I work as a software engineer, you?

Me: I work as BA and Photographer.

She: What kind of photographer?

Me: Portfolio and Nature.

She: Nice, create my portfolio also.

Me: Okay.

She: Where do you stay?

Me: HSR, you?

She: Koramangala.

We went back to the dance floor and had whiskey and started dancing. Now we were comfortable with one another and started touching while dancing, a little intimate kind. She kept her hands on my shoulder and said that I had nice and broad shoulders. I said thank you, and she was smiling.

Then I said: You got a beautiful smile.

She said: Already you said this in the morning. Say something different.

Then I said: Ok. You’re HOT.

She said: I know that, say something different.

Then I said: Your dress is beautiful.

She mentioned: Thank you.

Then she said: You smell good and I like the boys who smell good.

I said: I know that I smell good, say something different.

Geeta laughed and said, “I’ll, but not now.

We had a couple more drinks. We both were a little high and pub time was closing down. So, we came out and were standing in the corner.

Then I said: Let’s go for a walk.

We were walking and she said she wanted to have drinks.

I said: I don’t have drinks at my place.

Geeta: Let’s go to my place. I have drinks.

Me: You’re smart.

Geeta: I know that, say something different.

Me: Let’s go to your place, then I’ll say something different.

She laughed.

Me: Let’s see if I like your smell or not. If you also smell good, then tonight is going to be awesome.

She said: What do you mean (with a wicked smile)?

I kept quiet and she said, “You smell good.”

We started talking about likes and dislikes, food, fashion, etc. And then we reached her place. It was a 1bhk, a beautifully maintained house, and a clean place.

I said, “I like your place more than you.”

Geeta: Thank you. By the way, I am more beautiful.

She then poured drinks for both of us. We cheered and we had bottoms up. Suddenly, we both were silent and just looking at each other. Then she broke the silence and asked, “What is going on in your mind?”

I said: Nothing, I am just looking at a hot girl and..

She: And…?

Me: And you look sexy.

She: And?

Me: Naughty.

She: And?

Now, alcohol was taking over us.

Me: I want to see more beautiful things of you.

She: Same here. Can you take off your tee?

I said: Ok.

And I took off my t-shirt.

(I am an averagely fair guy with broad shoulders. I do workout and maintain myself healthy.)

After taking off my t-shirt, I said to her, “Take off your jeans now.”

She (with a wicked smile): Okay, interesting.

Geeta took off her jeans. Now she was in a black top which was till her hips. And she was wearing black panties. My God, she was very fair. Fair girl with milky white thighs. And under that black panty, it was mesmerizing.

Without saying anything, we were teasing one another. She widened her legs. We were sitting opposite one another (hope you people can understand).

When Geeta widened and closed her legs, a clear view of her pussy in panty was there. Then I went near her, bent in front of her, and blew air on her panty. And then I went to the table to have one more peg. Then she said –

She: You’re a good teaser.

Me: If you tease me, then I’ll tease you badly. You can’t even imagine how bad.

She: Let’s see.

By saying that, she came near me and pinched my nipple and caressed my manhood for seconds and reached the table and had a small peg.

Me: I felt goosebumps.

Then I told her to take off her top and she took off. My god, she got beautiful boobs of 34B size with pink nipples. Then she came near as if she wanted to kiss. But she turned back and went to the couch. I knew she wanted to tease me.

So it was my turn to tease her. Then I had taken off my jeans and I was in inner now. I was hard with long teasing going on. She was staring at my manhood. Then I just tried to lower my inner and pulled up. And she could see my trimmed pubic hair for seconds.

I always keep trimmed, not clean shaved, with little hair. It always gives the raw feel of intimacy. Then she stood and removed her panty.

A little pubic hair was on her pink pussy. Geeta bent on the couch to show me her ass. I was in 7th heaven by seeing her ass and pussy. I just wanted to go straight to her lift her in my arms smooch her, hug her, and then fuck her straight away. But I wanted to tease her, as I said I was going to tease her like hell.

I will continue in part 2.

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