Married classmate turned into my sexting friend

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Hi all, first let me introduce myself. My name is Pradeep (name changed). I am 26 years old. I am 5’4″ tall and an average Bangalore guy. This story happened when I was studying engineering 5 years ago.

Coming to the heroine of the story. Her name was Meera (name changed for privacy). She was the most beautiful and hot girl I have seen. Her stats was 36-30-34. She was a bomb for all boys in our class. And she was married when she joined our college. Everyone’s eye was on her. I never talked to her at first.

Later, we got each other’s number in a group and we used to chat in groups regarding college and other kinds of stuff. Slowly, our chat turned into a private chat. To be frank, at first I never had any intention to talk. She used to message me daily about her life and blah blah. This was going on for 6 months and we became close.

Then it was my birthday and she wished me with kiss emoji (it all started here). I was surprised and shocked by her message. Slowly, the days went on and we both started sending kiss emojis.

This went on for a few days and one day, I started dreaming of kissing her lips and lip-locking her. I told this to her and she responded positively.

Meera: Oh, really? You only give me a lip kiss in your dream? Why not in real?

I was really shocked by my classmate’s reply though she was married and asking me for a lip lock.

Pradeep: Haha, why not? If you are okay with that, I am ready.

And for a few days, we were just romancing about kissing in chat. Then one day I sent a GIF of intense kissing for which she got aroused and replied with the same. These messages and GIFs went on for a few days.

One day, we planned to go for lunch at a dhaba nearby. Then we went to have lunch. And when we were about to leave, I kissed her forehead. She was fully surprised by that. (To be frank, I was too scared to do that, but somehow managed to do it.) She didn’t utter a word for that and we left. After we reached home, the chats went on like this:

Meena: Hey, I was shocked by your kiss. But I am happy also that you gave.

Pradeep: Really? Idhu gothidre lips ge kodtidhe alwa (if I knew this before, I would have kissed your lips).

Meena: Astond dairya idya ninge? (Are you so brave to do that?)

Pradeep: Why not.

Meena: Ok, let me see what you do next time.

I was waiting for the next time. Then, after around one week, we again planned for the same dhaba, because it was a private hut and no one could disturb us.

After placing our order, I slowly placed my hand on her hand and even she was responding. With some courage, I held her face with my both hands. I took my face near her face. She was shy and she didn’t tell anything.

Then I placed my lips over my married classmate’s lips for some 30 seconds and separated them. It was full silence between us. Suddenly, she started smooching me with passion. Even I started to respond by sucking her lips, inserting my tongue inside her mouth. Then she left a soft moan, “Aahh..”

We kissed for like 10 minutes and I saw our order was coming. We stopped our smooching. We had our lunch and left from there. After reaching home, she messaged –

Meena: Hey, I was so happy that you kissed and we smooched.

Pradeep: Same here! But I never expected you will kiss that passionately. And thank you so much, you made my day today.

Our chats went on for a few days exchanging sexy gifs and romantic passionate smooching gifs. Then again we went to the same place and as soon as we entered, she hugged me tightly. Her boobs were pressing on my chest. Even I hugged her even tighter and started smooching while hugging her.

This went on for a few days. One day, I sent her a gif of licking boobs. She was shocked and feeling shy.

Meena: Will you suck mine like this?

Pradeep: I am waiting for that.

Meena: What else you will do? If I am with you.

Pradeep: I have many plans, do you want to listen?

Meena: Yes of course, I am getting wet down, please tell.

Pradeep: First I will smooch you for 30 minutes. Is that okay? Can you hold your breath?

Meena: Wow! You are taking it in some erotic way. I want you right now..Aahhhh..

Pradeep: Then I’ll place my hand over your boobs and squeeze them.

(Believe me, her boobs were so big and my hand wasn’t enough to hold.)

Meena: Hmmm..hahhhha, I am feeling it. I need more.

Pradeep: Then slowly, I’ll remove your top and lick your boobs over the inner you wear.

Meena: Omg..Aahh..Pradeep, I am getting wetter. Please remove my bra and lick my nipples.

Pradeep: Sure, baby. Slowly, I’ll remove one side of the bra and suck your nipples. And my other hand will squeeze your other boobs.

Meena: Aahh ohhh hmmm..come on baby..take them all inside your mouth.

Pradeep: Yeah babe, I am taking it.

Meena: Lick my other boob also.

Pradeep: Yeah baby, it’s all mine. Both are mine and I am licking your both boobs and pinching your nipples hard.

Meena: Aahhh, come on, I am wet down. Do you wish to lick it down there?

Pradeep: Really? Are you serious?

Meena: Yes, I would love it.

Pradeep: Ok, now just imagine I’ve placed my hand over your wet panty.

Meena: Ahhhh..

Pradeep: Then slowly my hands are getting inside your panty and rubbing your pussy.

Meena: Omg..ahh huhh..

Our conversation completely turned into sexting from here after.

What happened next, I’ll continue in the next part. Please share your feedback at [email protected]

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